"El futuro de los niños es siempre hoy. Mañana será tarde"

-Gabriela Mistral


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Martes, 28 de Abril de 2015 09:43
Con el objetivo de resolver las dudas más frecuentes al respecto del Proyecto Bilingüe hemos creado una breve presentación del Proyecto que esperamos las resuelva. Puede verse en el fichero adjunto.
Lunes, 04 de Marzo de 2013 22:22
Lunes, 04 de Marzo de 2013 22:22



   On February 7 a group of 29 students and three teachers set off for London at five in the morning!!! Having an early flight was worth it as we could make the most of the day. Once in Alton, our students met their exchanges, a group of local high school students. They then had the opportunity to experience the real thing, lessons at a British school.

   Of course the lessons were only the beginning. The whole experience was made complete with a visit to the small village of Farnham, the historic city of Winchester and of course, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, London.

   The most enriching experience of all, however, was the home-stay with a British family. They had the chance to enjoy the delicious British… desserts; go shopping, communicate with native speakers, and many were lucky enough to attend a very popular English sporting event, football.

   In April we will host the British students and we will do our best to make their experience as wonderful as ours was.